What really is Cursillo*?
Here are some questions you should be asking about this secretive movement:

1.  Who started this movement?

2.  Why was it started, and what was its original intent?

3.  Why do its participants tend to become less attached to their local church?

4.  Why do the effects wear off so quickly?

5.  Why have some participants been institutionalized after attending?

6.  Why don’t they give you a schedule or tell you what’s going to happen to you?

7.  Why does a Christian group use methods regularly used by destructive cults?

8.  Why all the odd Spanish terms?

9.  Why do they so desperately want you (and your children) to attend?

10.  Why do participants tend to exclude those who have not attended?

11.  Why are some participants only happy if they repeatedly attend more weekends? 

12.  Why does the Bible categorically forbid the use of such methods?


These questions and more are answered by the revealing, new book: 


    CURSILLO:  Little Courses in Catharsis 

A Critique of the Cursillo and Related Movements

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*  Also known as: 

Walk to Emmaus, Via de Cristo, Tres Dias, De Colores, Teens Encounter Christ (TEC), Chrysalis, Kairos, Great Banquet, Dias con Cristo, Celebration, Challenge, Vocare, Tirosh, Chayah, Unidos en Cristo, Alarga, The Journey, Faith Walk, Vida Nueva, Aventura, Awakening, Camino, Credo Recovery, Diaspora, Discipleship Walk, Footsteps, Happening, Jubilee Journey, Keryx, Koinonia, New Beginnings, Paseo con Cristo, Pilgrimmage, etc.

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