CURSILLO:  Little Courses in Catharsis 

A Critique of the Cursillo and Related Movements



Introduction      The Concern About Cursillo

Chapter One     The Quest for Emotional Experience

Chapter Two     Is Cursillo a Cult?

Chapter Three   The Methodology of Mind Control

Chapter Four     The Origins of the Cursillo Method

Chapter Five      The Theology of the Cursillo Method

Chapter Six       The Techniques of the Cursillo Method

Chapter Seven   The Effects of the Cursillo Method

Chapter Eight    Other Forms of Cathartic Experiences

Chapter Nine     In Their Own Words:  Sharing Cursillo Stories

Chapter Ten      Thinking Through the Stories

Chapter Eleven     The Unpaid Bills of the Church

Chapter Twelve    After the Weekend is Over

Appendix A      The Perspective of Post-Calvin Reformed Confessions and Catechisms

Appendix B       A History of Confusing Psychology with Religion



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